Explore the 3rd OIC Tourism Exhibition in collaboration with Qatar Tourism Center

📆 November 20-22, 2023 @ Qatar International Convention Center, Doha, Qatar

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Sports, Meetings, Business, Culture, Entertainment, Luxury, Medical, and Halal Tourism



Discover the World's Finest Destinations and Latest Trends

The Qatar Travel and Tourism Exhibition returns for its third edition, featuring the world’s finest destinations and the latest trends in sports, meetings, culture, luxury, medical, and halal tourism. Following the 2022 FIFA World Cup, this exhibition serves as a vital platform for various tourism entities, from local authorities to international companies. Join us to explore the booming opportunities in the global tourism market!

The Qatar Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2023 is a collaborative effort with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade and the Qatar Tourism Center. A dedicated team of industry experts and government officials work together to ensure the event’s success. They aim to promote Qatar’s tourism resources and cultures, fostering mutual relationships and enhancing the industry’s competitiveness by uniting domestic and international tourism companies.


The Qatar Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2023 has set forth several objectives to boost the tourism industry’s competitiveness and contribute to Qatar’s economy directly through employment and exports. The exhibition aims to create a larger market by uniting inbound and outbound tourism, allowing domestic and international tourism companies to promote their tourism resources and cultures.

Experience the Ultimate Business Opportunity at the QTM2023

Meet the Decision Makers and Professionals Attending the 3rd OIC Tourism Exhibition

This event will be attended by a diverse range of professionals including representatives of member countries’ institutional bodies, sectorial decision-makers, tourism and retail managers, craftsmen, and other professionals from economic sectors. Visitors will also include host country and Guests of Honor Countries’ authorities, industrials, and organizations of non-member countries with observer status in the OIC. If you belong to any of these categories, don’t miss this opportunity to network and explore new business opportunities.

From Ministries to Private Companies: Meet the Exhibitors at the 18th TFOIC

 The Trade Fair of Islamic Countries is a hub for economic cooperation and partnerships among member countries, as well as a platform for showcasing their products and services. Exhibitors include a variety of ministries and national agencies, such as trade and industry ministries, investment promotion agencies, and chambers of commerce. Private and public economic operators from OIC countries will also be present, offering products and services ranging from handicrafts to IT and transportation. VIP guests and honorary countries will attend, alongside economic operators from non-OIC member countries and media partners.

Join as an Exhibitor and Showcase Your Company to the World of tourism

Make the Most of the Opportunity to Reach a Wide Range of Industry Experts, Decision Makers, and Potential Buyers from OIC Countries and Beyond.

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The fair is open to OIC member states, OIC institutions, economic, public and private operators in Islamic countries, States as observers within the OIC. Also, non-member economic operators in Islamic communities and guests of honor.


Exhibitors must complete and submit the registration form that will be sent to you by email once you fill out the form above. Secure your spot now for this exceptional event and join us for an unforgettable experience!

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ICDT will make the final selection of exhibitors, allocate stands according to the layout, and share the list of selected exhibitors with Qatar Tourism agency, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated event that brings together a diverse range of participants from around the world.


To reserve stands, exhibitors must complete and submit the request forms for registration and other services to the ICDT at the provided address and registration link. International exhibitors from OIC member states must apply on the prescribed application form and pay a participation fee, which will be remitted to Qatar Tourism agency by the ICDT. Secure your spot now for this exceptional event!


the organizers will provide facilitation and incentives to exhibitors, Qatar Tourism agency will offer complimentary facilities to all participants, including pick-up and drop-off from the airport, shuttle services, discounted hotel rates, freight forwarding agents, currency exchange, custom clearance, exhibitor passes, and free entry to sideline/cultural and informative events during the days of the exhibition. and more.

To learn more about the process after registration, fill out the form and we will reach out to you with how to take part in this event

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